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Countdown to Coachella

It’s hard to believe that Coachella  will be transforming the desert into a magical oasis in less than a week! I'm heading off to California this weekend to cover the festival and I've compiled my little list of Coachella essentials.

With Coachella coming up so soon a packing list is constantly on my mind. Planning outfits for any festival is always tough. Nine times out of ten by the time you arrive and see what you’ve brought, you don't want to wear anything you've packed. Sigh. The balance between the arid desert and the frigid nights are challenging, but that won’t stop me from frolicking around the Indio and having a good time. If you’re worried about what to bring, take a glimpse at the ten essentials I’m packing.  

  1. Basics and key pieces - Usually I decide on a few staples or key pieces to bring along and then mix and match them with some basics. That way each outfit feels fresh since I’ve put it together at the festival. When you’ve planned everything out to a T it’s easy for things to feel stale. Bring shorts for the day and a jacket or kimono for night time, the desert gets really cold. Pro tip: whatever you pack cut that in half. It’s difficult, but trust me you’ll thank me later.

  2. Baby wipes - While the desert is certainly a beautiful place it can also get insanely hot. So expect to sweat quite a bit. I love keeping baby wipes with me because they will keep you cool and clean the entire day.

  3. Camera - I always try to bring an inexpensive point and shoot to the festival. Keep in mind that professional cameras (anything with a detachable lens) are not allowed on the festival grounds, but if you don’t have a point and shoot your phone is the perfect alternative. See the full list for what’s not allowed here: https://www.coachella.com/festival-info/

  4. Gatorade - Again, the desert is arid and dancing in the sunshine and soaking up those good vibes can be exhausting. If you’re camping like me, be sure to bring in something other than water to really rehydrate your body.

  5. Charger - This year Coachella is BYOC or Bring Your Own Charger. So there will be tons of stations all over the festival, but you’ll need your own charger to power up your devices. I’m trying something new by testing out a solar powered charger, but if you don’t want to try that you can also bring an external cell phone battery charger.

  6. Sunscreen - No one wants to be out of commision because of a little sunburn. Be sure to bring plenty and lather up often. If you’re worried that you might get burned don’t forget a small bottle of aloe vera gel.

  7. Bag - Bags at the festival are kind of a big deal. There are those that go without anything at all and those that lug around huge packs that look like they were made for a hike up Mt. Everest. I wouldn’t recommend going hands free, but plenty of people do it. Taking a small bag or fanny pack just holding your essentials (ID, keys, lip balm, wallet) is best. Keep it small and simple, I like crossbody bags because they keep you hands free.

  8. Statement jewelry - Coachella is really great because everyone is pushing festival fashion boundaries. Maybe someones over-accessorizing or perhaps they’re keeping things minimal, but one statement piece can really set you a part from the crowd. Not to mention, it’s also a great conversation starter.

  9. Sunnies - I try to bring at least two pairs of sunnies with me to the festival. I make sure that they’re cute but cheap in case they get lost or broken. Trust me when I say sunnies are an absolute must in the desert.

  10. Waterproof makeup - Between hopping around in the Indio from stage to stage, or just hanging poolside with your friends its easy for your makeup to run. Keep it waterproof and you won’t have to make any touchups the entire day.

This is my little list of essentials, what are you packing for Coachella?

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