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LIke A Penny On The Pavement

The summer's have been insanely hot lately. I find myself wondering every year if it's even hotter than it was the year before. Needless to say short shorts and creepers have been a major wardrobe staple. The summer heat brings out the best in all of us. Hanging with friends, reminiscing about the past and finding new music are all a few of my favorite past times. Since my last hangout with my friends I've been obsessed with the song "Weekend" by Mocki. Check it out if you have a chance. 

No ball no chain
Started in single lane
Trying to keep
Arms length
Now you trying to complicate it
Want to know
Where to go when
Your seeking reason
Not to leave and

Say you need a shoulder
Sleeping all alone
I'm walking too fast
For you to lean on
This just brings us closer
Please don't feed the flame

Cause these days

I only want you on the weekend
My love is lost and found
You're like a penny on the pavement
I'll pick you up

I'll put you down
shirt / nasty gal
shorts / nasty gal
shoes / tuk footwear
necklace / vanessa mooney
photos / amarie baker

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