Location: Los Angeles, CA

I won a Nasty Gal Makeover!

AKLSNNFSDN NDSNV KESVB LANCAMSC NVAILCM JVA! Excuse me while I lose my shit. I am FREAKING OUT! I won the auction! The Snag a New Nasty Gal Wardrobe + Expert Stylist Advice Auction! My heart was beating so fast. I was waiting for so long, and then the clock dropped down to ten seconds and I placed my bid but someone outbid me! Luckily I was on my phone so I was able to make a quick comeback, and I ended up winning the auction! I'm sooooooo excited! I get to go to Nasty Gal HQ! Eeeek!

image via girlboss
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Snag a Nasty Gal Wardrobe + Stylist Advice!

Please excuse me while I have a FanGirl moment. I'm kind of freaking out! Nasty Gal has teamed up with eBay to get back to their roots and give back to the platform that made them what they are today. Not only can you bid to win an exclusive lunch with Sophia Amoruso herself, you can also bid on items from her closet or an on-of-a-kind afternoon getting styled plus a brand new Nasty Gal wardrobe. *swoon* The listing reads:

"Spend an afternoon with Nasty Gal's top stylist as she reworks your wardrobe and plans your outfits for any occasion. Get styling tips and suggestions on what to wear, plus a makeover, closet full of clothing, shoes and accessories so that you can go home a whole new Nasty Gal."

When I read that auction I knew that was the one I would go for. As silly as this sounds I've been working on strategies on how to win this one. The bidding is SO LOW. There's no way I can pass this up. I feel like I'm pro status when it comes to eBay anyway. I'll tell you my secrets of the trade after the biddings over though, I really want to win! I've got a really good feeling about it too :) I'll keep you posted on what happens! Fingers crossed!