Location: Houston, TX

The Perfect Belt

Look at the random belt I found at this store downtown! 
It's literally the most perfect thing I've ever seen. I can't wait to wear it!  

Tina Lobondi

model | Raquel Llenas
photo | Mariah Vale Foto
styling | Katrina Appie

Congolese designer Tina Lobondi has released her Autumn/Winter 2013 collection titled "Biso Na Biso," translation: "Between Us."  The sleek lines and beautiful prints make this collection one of my favorites.  Lobindi sources her fabrics from all over the world and it shows through her fusion of African culture and feminine lines. Man. The things I'd do to get my hands on one of these pieces...


Free Xone

Just a mix I created one morning. It's really chill and full of a bunch of my favorite artists. Hope you get a chance to listen to it on this lazy Saturday. I'm barely even being productive, and I keep blaming my inability to accomplish anything on the rain. Haha. Hope your day is going as well as mine is. Happy Saturday everyone!


Fairy Dust

I found some fairy dust today! Don't you remember when you were a little kid and glitter became your fairy dust? My mom used to get pissed because I would run around the house sprinkling my "fairy dust" all over the house. Glitter was stuck in the carpet for months! No amount of vacuuming could seem to get it out. I was pretty proud of myself, because my fairy dust was stronger than the vacuum. Seeing this fairy dust scented incense reminded me of that moment. I couldn't help but smile. Unfortunately, the incense smelled terrible (my personal favorite is Nag Champa) so I didn't take it home with me. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great Friday!

Location: Seattle, WA

For Your Inner Foodie

I hope all of you Foodies are excited! I've reached out to the super talented Danielle Kartes to put some of her delicious recipes on Simpli Spiritu. I found her on Instagram and I swear the whole thing is nothing but #FoodPorn. Ugh. I was so hungry by the time I got done! She's got all kinds of great recipes and I can't wait to share them!
image via Danielle Kartes