Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic New Years! I'm about to go out to a local bar with some friends so we can catch up, drink and watch the ball drop. As sad as this is I'm pretty sure this is the first night I'm actually going out for New Year's. Hopefully it'll be a good time haha. 

No matter what your plans you have this holiday make sure you stay safe and have a Happy New Year!

Meaningful Lives: Changing Reality Through Meditation

The lecture tonight was really amazing. I got to meet a bunch of new people from all over the country and even Latin America. I'll go more in depth with all that happened tomorrow. I'm wicked tired.

Happy Friday!

image via Lashes & Bones

Argh! I'm so sorry that this post is going up so late. Our internet has been out almost all day and it just came back on. Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday! 

I'm staying in tonight because I'm trying to go to this Buddhist Seminar tomorrow. It's called Living In the Moment: Four Basic Thoughts, and I think it's going to be really interesting. It's pretty much a whole day of meditating and picking other people's brains. I'm so excited! I find that the best adventures always happen when you meet new people. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes tomorrow!


A Few Favorites.

1. Tank Top $28, Billabong, pacsun.com / 2. Shorts $120, One Teaspoon, nastygal.com / 3. Platfrom Sneaker $88, Marinda, wasteland.com / 4. Bracelet $18, Free People, freepeople.com / 
5. Pyramid Earrings $128, Lila Rice, lilarice.com

Lana Del Rey: Ride

Live Fast. Die Young. Be Wild. And Have Fun.
Who are you?
Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you're free to experience them?
I Have.
I Am Fucking Crazy. But I Am Free.

Happy Holidays!

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a wonderful time this holiday season. No matter who you are, what you celebrate or who you're with. I hope these days have been filled with warmth and loved ones. Happy holidays to you all!

I made these two 'candle holders' out of a mason jar and a spaghetti sauce jar. I'm going to give them to my mom and my sister as Christmas prezzies. Shhhh! It's a surprise hahaha. Hopefully I'll be putting up a DIY on how to make these soon... 

Anyways! Enjoy the rest of your night and once again Happy Holidays!


The Lone Star Bazaar Montrose Sideshow!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't written much these last few days. I've been busy packing and taking care of things so I could go home! Luckily I got all of that taken care of yesterday and I decided to check out the first Montrose Sideshow. It was wicked fun and I got the chance to meet tons of local vendors.
So many of the vintage vendors had a really awesome selection.
They had a ton of shoes, but unfortunately none in my size.
I met this local artist named Abbie Drue. She was awesome and all of her jewelry was really unique.
I ended up buying this vintage gold and amber flower necklace from her.
I got there towards the end of the day, so I got $15 dollars knocked off the price!
I also got a sweet snack from What's Up Cupcake.
The prices were kind of high, but the cupcake was so good that I'd definitely be willing to pay that again. 
365 - 17 - What's Up, Cupcake?
Their cupcakes are pretty rad! If you're ever in Houston check them out!

Gifts That Give Back

1. Charms for Change $50-$100, ABC Home and Planet Foundation
100% of the profits support Help Darfur Now to help the victims of genocide.

2. FEED Candle $15, FEED Foundation
Each candle purchased will provide three school meals for children.

3. Soludos Shoes $45, Friends of Finn
Proceeds go towards combating puppy mills and raising awareness.

4. Love Tee $25.95, Krochet Kids
Proceeds benefit the women of Uganda and help to break the cycle of poverty.

5. Charity Charms $5-$35, Charity Charms
Find your charity/cause of choice and support them by purchasing a bracelet.

The Road Less Traveled

 images via Free People

Meet the Landscape Artist: Richard Shilling

I miss you most of all when the autumn leaves start to fall Tangle Cube 3 Flower Flags for Spring 5 Sun Circles Red Oak Leaf Fire Star
Turning Season Sun Wheel
                                                                                            images via Richard Shilling

Richard Shilling is an accidental artist who stumbled across an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture in the middle of nowhere a few years ago. He was so intrigued that he asked around, did some research and discovered that the work was indeed Andy Goldsworthy's. He was so inspired by his land art that after learning all that he could about his work he went out and started to make his own. The further he delved into the world of Goldsworthy he became extremely passionate about land art. It inspired him and led him to connect deeply with nature and the world around him. 

Shilling explains land art as a simple process that involves wandering around somewhere in nature without any preconceived ideas. Once he see's a shapely rock, or a breathtaking leaf this will inspire him to create something with these items.

He has some advice for those that want to create land art:

1. Go somewhere and open your eyes.
2. Look at what is out there. See the colors, shapes and forms.

3. Select the materials that appeal to you because of their shape or color.
4. Collect as many of these items as you can.
5. Make a pattern, swirl, circle, or anything that you like with what you have found.

This will lead to a better connection and appreciation of nature, while sparking your inner creativity too! So get out there and try to make some land art of your own! I know I will as soon as I find some time, and I'll make sure to post whatever I create.