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What Would You Do For Love?

As we get older, we tire of certain things more easily. The games you played in college won't fly once you're post grad. Perhaps this is us "growing up" or perhaps it's us finally realizing our time is a precious resource. Either way, we need to try be more open to love and speak up when others try to waste our time. 

Now, when I say be more open to love I don't necessarily mean that you need to allow the next Tinder swipe to come into your life and spend every waking moment devoted to them. I mean that we need to love ourselves first before we can really and truly love others. Love comes in many forms, but to me love is a selfless act where you put the needs of others above your own. If you're constantly making excuses for someone who bails on you regularly, it's time to end the cycle. We need to stop making excuses for the people in our lives that we know don't "love" us. This person is wasting your precious time and you are giving your "love" to someone who regularly squanders it away.

Self love should always come first. Most of the time it's not love from others that we need, the thing that we're invariably searching for is the need is to feel fulfilled. We are constantly searching for that intoxicating feeling of happiness from other people, when really this happiness can be found within ourselves. You are so much stronger than you think, and  you have the power to make yourself happy. You are radiant, smart, kind, strong, and beautiful. There is no reason why you should try and hide these traits. You were born with them, and it's your natural born right to attain happiness. If a potential suitor comes along that would like to add to your happiness, let them. But if anyone tries to tear you down it's time to step away. You are a magical being with so much to live for. Don't let anything or anyone stop you. 

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