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Vegan Fruit Pizza

Summer's here and the talented Diana Rodelo has crafted a mouth watering recipe to satisfy cravings you never knew you had. Not only is watermelon an great source of potassium, but raspberries and blackberries also contain much needed minerals like manganese and copper. Read on to nourish your body with this simple recipe.


1/8 of a round medium organic watermelon
1 Medium organic peach (de-cored & sliced)
2/3 Cups of organic raspberries (wash, dry & slice in half)
3/4 Cups of organic blackberries (wash & dry)
1/8 Cups of raw pecans (whole)
1 Tablespoon of coconut flakes (dried)

Cocoa Drizzle
1 Tablespoon of cocoa powder
2 Teaspoons of organic coconut oil
¼ Teaspoon of agave


Cocoa Drizzle
In a small bowl, pour in the coconut oil, cocoa powder and agave and whisk with a fork until it looks like a shiny chocolate glaze. Once done set aside for later use.

Slice your medium watermelon in half, not lengthwise. Cut out a one ‘’1-inch thick wheel’’ from the watermelon. Lay the watermelon circle down on a large cutting board and top it with the peaches, berries, pecans and coconut flakes. Once the toppings have been placed drizzle the cocoa glaze on top and slice the round into pizza slices. 


For more recipes check out Diana's site!

recipe & images via diana rodelo

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