Cleaning Out Your Closet

I am so frustrated. I love going to the thrift store, the one in town lets you fill up and entire trash bag or rad stuff for a measly $5.00! Heaven. So of course my closet has a ton of cool things in it, but it's also full of clutter from stuff I no longer wear or things that aren't really my style. After searching for a good 30 minutes in my closet for one of my favorite tops and letting out a guttural cry of frustration I knew it was time. I had to clean out my closet.

I knew that organizing all of this would be beyond challenging (it's hard to let go of your fashion past after all) but I decided to buckle down and just do it. My style right now is  a mix of boho, vintage, goth, 90's and everything in between, but I can still draw the line on things I will and won't wear. The following are the steps I took to clean out my closet. Feel free to use them as well!

First things first. Sort everything into three piles. One pile will be your "yes" pile the next pile one will be "maybe" and the last one will be "no". Make sure you sort absolutely everything. It's important to sort your shoes, hats, everything. Or else the closet cleaning won't work. Once everything in your closet has been sorted make sure you put all the "no" items (that are still in good condition) in a bag so that you can donate it to a shelter, or exchange them at Plato's or Buffalo Exchange. If it's something that's beyond repair or wear please don't donate it. You're only creating more work for the people that volunteer their time to sort.

Unless something has real sentimental value you should follow the two year rule. Basically, if you haven't worn it in two years give it away. I don't care if its brand "new" or if you got it for a really good deal. Get rid of it. You're never going to wear it, and those items you're feeling iffy on are only holding up space for  the items you do love. Be ruthless. Don't feel guilty about giving away something that you never wore. Instead focus on the fact that you're well on your way to having a smaller closet full of the things you love to wear. So if you don't love it, and you don't need it, don't be afraid to get rid of it!

Now be brutally honest with yourself once you start to go through the maybe pile. Use the two year rule and remember that you're trying to create a closet full of your favorite items. Things that are your style and will inspire you for years to come. Another thing that can give your closet an instant makeover is getting rid of the mismatched wire hangers. You can either upgrade to wooden ones (you can find some for a good deal if you really hunt) or you can just do what I did and get a bunch of the clear plastic ones. I even got some from clothing stores. I just asked if they had any extra hangers and the majority of stores just handed them over. Winning!

Once you've got everything all sorted and organized (I sorted my items by color and clothing type) pat yourself on the back! You did it, finally your clothing has a place of its own and  your sanity can finally be restored. Drum roll please. Your closet is now ready for the new season.


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